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KONUS-S D.O.O. Company was established  in 2004 as daughter company of Konus Konex d.o.o. Slovenske Konjice,Slovenija,dealing with the distribution of products of Tipi Top program for cleaning of Konus Konex  company. Untill 2008 head office was in Belgrade,when the company moved to Prokuplje.


In 2011 KONUS – S D.O.O. is expanding and opens new plant – production of fabrics. Company continues its expansion and records permanent growth of all business parameters. We conquer new markets – Czech Republic,Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria,Poland,USA etc.


2013 is coming to a reorganization within the Konus group and unit of filtration,unit of rolled felt and unit of needled felt,who until then had functioned within the company PDP IFP "Nikodije Stojanovic Tatko" (sister company of Konus-S) are now becoming part of the KONUS-S D.O.O.


With this we completed production process based on the principle - "From fiber to finished product."










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