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  • Cleaning Tipitop

    Cleaning Tipitop

    Tipitop program for cleaning - a wide range of affordable products most suitable for superior cleaning

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  • Filtration


    Filtration materials in rolls and ready-made filters to space fitration, class of EU3 / G3 to EU13 / H13. Also, filtration materials in rolls and finished filters for liquid and industrial fitration.

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  • Felt


    Rolled (woolen) felt - manufactured in various sizes and various shapes - in rolls, sheets, strips, coils. It is used in various industries for heat and sound insulation, polishing, grinding,for seals etc. Needled felt - Felt for footwear industry, felt for filtration, geotextiles, felt for the furniture industry and garment industry.

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  • Fabrics


    Our fabrics are used as filter material for industrial filtration and we produce it from diferent kinds of yarn: PES,PAN,PP,BW,PES/PAN etc.

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KONUS-S D.O.O. Company was established  in 2004 as daughter company of Konus Konex d.o.o. Slovenske Konjice,Slovenija,dealing with the distribution of products of Tipi Top program for cleaning of Konus Konex  company. Untill 2008 head office was in Belgrade,when the company moved to Prokuplje.


KONUS-S D.O.O. in his production program has several production units: Filtration,Cleaning program Tipi Top,Needled and rolled felt,Fabrics.


The company is constantly expanding in all economic, technical and production parameters.