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Liquid filtration

Primarily liquid filtration involves the separation of two phases, solid and liquid normally from suspensions.
Liquid filters are mechanisms which are used to remove impurities that occur in liquids. In order to achieve the filtration process, a suspension is passed through a permeable or porous filter media that lets the liquid particles pass through, while catching the larger solid particles that need to be removed.
For the liquid to flow there must be a pressure difference that causes it to move through the filter.
The suspension which passed through the filter media form the permeate flow-filtrate; while, the retained particles on a surface of filter media form a filter cake..

Liquid filtration fabrics are made from multi-multi yarn - staple fibres. Main target is food applications, galvanic process, pharmaceutical process, silo and many standard applications of separation solids from liquids.

In NON-WOVEN material production some special materials for liquid filtration - GAF filter bags is produced.

Diferent type of filters that we produce:
- Vacuum filters
- centrifuges
- strainer bags
- candle filters
- Glatt and aeromatic filters

Each application is carefully and individually assessed to ensure the correct balance of operational requirements. To explain the separation and cleaning behaviour of filter media additional characteristics must be considered :
Permeability - To control separation efficiencies and filtration capacity.
Surface finish - To yield good cake discharge.
Mechanical resilience - To maximize service life.
Dimensional stability - To ensure proper cloth fit and trouble free operation.
Dust remuval filtration

Dust removal filtration to separate the solid matter from gas and to reduce the concentration of dust
Filtration plays an important role in most aspects of day-to-day life, with increasing emphasis on the control of pollution, and the awareness of the need for clean air.

The selection of appropriate filter media decides the quality and economy of an entire filtration process.

In order to obtain a good operation and long lifetime of filter media is the most important to know, the details according which the filter media has to perform as follows : - Temperature - Quantity and quality of dust - Particles dimension - Air to cloth ratio - Abrasive - Mechanical properties
-Chemical properties
-Materials are produced in: - standard weights from 350 - 600 g/m2 - standard width of 215 cm
-roll of lenght 100 lm