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Products - Felt






Rolled products of felt used in the dedicated and hevy industry ( military industry, pain shop, rolling copper and aluminum, factories of appliances, printing, thermal power plants, bekeris, railways...)


Technical felts are made in specific gravity:

-1008/P ( 0.44 gr/cm3 ), 1020/S3 ( 0,38 gr/cm3) suitable for absorption exess oil/varnish, fine and coarse polishing sheets, remove dirt, lubricarion, insulation of heat aud saund. Used for protection against dust, as windscreen, seals, vibration absorption and where it is needed elasticity and suppleness.


- 1020/2 (0,28 gr/cm3 ) is used for sound insulation and cladding with mounting panel for ball and roller bearings as an oily ring and dust removal, for mechanical purposes which requires precision / low density fleece and high quality.



- soft fleece 1020/2 ( 0,18 gr/cm3 ) recommended lubricating oil penetration and where felt squeezed in construction, for sound insulation, anti-dust and other mechanical use where abrasion is not an important factor.

The raw material of the roster can be 100% wool and mixed wool and viscose fibers, wool blend and poliestereskog fibers (PES) or from Paragraph to customer specification


They are made rolls, plates, strips and different profiles (rings, cubes, polish grinders ...). The maximum width of 160 cm and length per customer's request.





1.FILC FOR THE SHOE INDUSTRY – Felt soles characterized by high strength and a slight change in shape, heat treatment after which maintains its rigidity and strength. It is resistant to moisture.
Composition 100% polyester (250 - 1000 g / m2), the maximum width of 200 cm.
It comes in rolls (possibility of cutting to the desired dimensions).

-Dry filtration (spatial filtering) 100-400 gr / m2: filtration of industrial halls, industrial paints and varnishes, protection of electric motors, pharmacy, ovens ...
 Composition 100% polyester
. It comes in rolls of a maximum width of 200 cm and a length of 100 m.

- Wet filtration 100-200 gr / m2: filtration of oil in industries (ball bearing), oil filters (shells fi 80x160 and 60x40 fi).
 Composition 100% polyester.
The maximum width of 3.2m and length of 200 m.

- Special filters specific purposes that it is the process of calendering (cartridges for gas masks ...).

3.GEOTEXTILES (drainage mat) is intended for the construction and reconstruction of roads, railways, tunnels, airports, parking lots, sports and tennis courts, embankments, for the purposes of the hydraulic engineering, agriculture, construction, aquatic regulation, drainage and hydro insulation. It is made out of chemical fibers or mixtures thereof, interconnected by mechanical or chemical process or mechanical - heniskim procedure.
- GT 130 - GT 500 for road construction (130-500 gr / m2)
 - GT 200 for drainage in agriculture (200 gr / m2) Maximum width of 3.2m and a maximum length of 100 m.

4. Felt for furniture industry and prefabricated industry -needled felt used in the manufacture of furniture, and it felt with PAN nets (600-800 gr / m2) and without PAN nets ( 250-450 gr / m2). Composition polyester, viscose, PAN and torn shirt.
 It comes in rolls of a maximum width of 210 cm and a length of 50 m and at the request of the customer the possibility of cutting the plate.
For the furniture industry produce Needled watt (100-200 gr / m2). The maximum width of 3.2m and length of 100m. Composition 100% polyester.
- Thermo watts (Kofil) 100-400 gr / m2 is used in the textile industry, for filling duvets, pillows, sleeping bag and all that need good thermal insulation. It is made out of polyester fiber thermal related to technological process of wear-resistant, the effect of bacteria, fungi and insects. Browning and thickness on request. The maximum width of 210 cm and a length of 100 m.